Highline College is committed to protecting the safety of our campus community. Recent events around the nation have shown the need for timely dissemination of information in emergencies such as acts of violence, natural disasters and other unpredictable incidents.

Highline Alerts was developed to disseminate official information during emergencies or crisis situations that may disrupt the normal operation of the college or threaten the health or safety of members of the Highline community.

Highline Alerts will also be sent to your Highline College email address, posted on Canvas and on frequently used college web pages. The alerts are also available on social networking sites. Become a fan or follower to recieve alerts on Facebook or Twitter.

Highline Alerts is also sent to all college faculty and staff and in the event of an emergency they will be your guide. It is important that you follow their directives.

Effective emergency response requires personal preparedness and planning. While no emergency communication system can be guaranteed to be effective and reliable in every situation, we encourage you to sign up for Highline Alerts as one part of your emergency preparedness plan.

*NOTE: Your standard Carrier fees may apply.